Student Discipline or Student Engagement?

This story about changing student behaviour at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, USA is about a truly transformational change.?????????? ????? ??? ???? School principal, Jim Sporleder, adapted a new approach to student discipline which resulted in a 85% drop in suspension rate! In this lengthy article he explains in detail how and why […]

The Three Stooges: A Fine Act

A possibly little known fact about Larry Fine of the Three Stooges and his generosity of spirit.

AI and Tai Chi: 3 Types of Practitioners

Talkers, mechanics and doers – what kind of practitioner are you?

Why Good People Do Bad Things

An interesting article about the reasons why otherwise honest people behave unethically. In the end is it all just a question of degree?

PANTHUR: Great Customer Service

About four months ago, we reached a point where we decided to change hosting providers – and we’ve discovered PANTHUR, an excellent Melbourne-based company..