is the name we have given to the combination of Appreciative Inquiry and Tai Chi that we bring to our work with clients. It stands for Appreciative Intelligence (AQ) and Kinaesthetic Intelligence (KQ).


is the capacity to look at life (situations, events, other people etc) with an ‘appreciative eye’. It’s about finding ways to ‘re-story‘ what we see so we can restore our passion and energy and create an even better future.


uses physical movement to generate and balance energy. It quiets that internal ‘busyness’ – the chatter going on in our heads – so we are free to think clearly and access our deepest wisdom. In Tai Chi terms, it’s about helping to circulate the chi that nourishes the spirit. It’s also about the connection between physical movement, commitment and taking action.


combines the power of these two forms of intelligence in a very dynamic way. It about ‘head, heart and hands‘: the best possible thinking and planning (head); driven forward by excitement, passion and energy (heart); made reality through practical action (hands).

Our AQ-KQ® Framework

draws on both western and eastern concepts, and is a powerful way in which organisations, communities or leadership teams can enhance their learning or development. It comprises eight facets – eight ‘lenses’ through which to view the world. Each of these may be considered independently during review or planning processes, and may also vary in priority or emphasis. However they are interdependent and all are crucial in realising the best possible future and greatest success.

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Additional Background

In 1983 Dr. Howard Gardner first developed the concept of multiple intelligences – arguing that the traditional idea of intelligence, based on IQ tests, was far too limiting.

In 1995, Daniel Goleman extended this idea with the concept of Emotional Intelligence or EQ.

Since then many personal development, leadership and organisational management theories have been significantly influenced by the work of both Gardner and Goleman. Indeed, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a buzzword in the field of organisational leadership.

We draw on this background and also incorporate the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry and Tai Chi in the programs we deliver for businesses and non-profit organisations.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence involves a mind-body connection, a concept already identified by Howard Gardner. Appreciative Intelligence® is something new – incorporating the importance of bringing an appreciative eye to every aspect of a group or an organisation.