Student Discipline or Student Engagement?

JimSporlederThis story about changing student behaviour at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, USA is about a truly transformational change.?????????? ????? ??? ????

School principal, Jim Sporleder, adapted a new approach to student discipline which resulted in a 85% drop in suspension rate! In this lengthy article he explains in detail how and why the new approach was so effective. Also included in the article are other experts who offer advice.

What I like in particular is his attitude to change which would have not been easy for a principal with 25 years of teaching experience; as the article says “some people who are well into their careers can’t handle a paradigm shift. It’s overwhelming. That’s mostly because it’s just too much trouble to change the way you do…everything. Spoiler alert: Sporleder isn’t one of those people”.

But he made the effort and the results were outstanding.

The following themes and skills appeared in the article which can be adapted and used in the workplace when it comes to disruptive behaviours and transformational change:

The themes and skills are also ones we have used in our facilitation and training sessions.

Footnote: Thanks to my Facebook friend, Katri, for the article.



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