Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®

Acorns in an oak treeAppreciative Intelligence®  enables people to be highly successful in work and in life;  to come up with fresh, innovative ideas, inspire others to join with them on their journey towards desired goals –  and ultimately reach those goals in spite of challenges or barriers encountered along the way.

Appreciative Intelligence® is not simply ‘positive thinking‘. People with this kind of intelligence are realistic and focus on action – they don’t just identify positive potential, they are able to act and take advantage of it. They not only ‘see the oak in the acorn‘ but they do what it takes to make that oak tree grow and thrive.

So how can you be similarly successful? How can you identify and expand your own capacity for Appreciative Intelligence®? This interactive, hands-on workshop will show you how, offering highly practical exercises to help you do so.

You will:

  • Learn the theory and research underpinning the concept of Appreciative Intelligence
  • Understand the three components of Appreciative Intelligence and the four qualities possessed by those who exhibit it
  • Identify the extent to which these components and qualities are already present in your own life and work
  • Explore practical ways to strengthen your capacity for Appreciative Intelligence
  • Learn a number of strategies and tips to use – and enjoy – your Appreciative Intelligence

Ideal for CEOs, managers, change agents, leaders – or anyone who would like to become more successful, more creative, more resilient and more influential at work and in life.

Note: Appreciative Intelligence® is the registered trademark of Tojo Thatchenkery. Used with permission.