Chair Chi Training Program

If you are searching for an innovative, gentle exercise activity that engages, empowers and enthuses clients both in the aged care and disability sectors then our comprehensive Chair Chi Training Program for staff may be what you are looking for.

The adaptability of Chair Chi makes it inclusive as it allows high care residents/clients to participate as well. See our short videos on this page about Chair Chi.  It also enhances the motivation for your residents or clients to attend Chair Chi, as the variety of material taught will keep it fresh over a long period of time.

The versatility of our interactive, hands-on training program allows you to deliver 30-60 minute sessions for your residents/clients. You will be able to incorporate various aspects into your existing exercise programs. You will learn how to develop both individual and group sessions for your residents/clients. You’ll take away an effective exercise and meditative short set that is easy to remember so residents/clients can practice on their own.

This program takes place over three days, split into two modules – one block of two days and then a single day.

The third day takes place usually after a gap of several weeks, enabling staff to practice the initial skills they have learned.  This final day includes a range of additional and more advanced skills to complete the program.

A comprehensive workbook/manual is included with each module, providing a helpful ongoing resource. At the end of the three-day program each participant also receives a Certificate of Completion.

Program Content

Theoretical Concepts

  • Understanding Chi
  • Yin Yang Philosophy
  • Square Method & Round Method
  • Engaging the 4 Senses
  • Safety Processes
  • 7 Directions
  • Chair Chi Principles
  • Shared Experiences


  • Essential Skills
  • Chi Exercises
  • Tai Chi Movements
  • 1-2-3 Exercise Set
  • Adapting for Disability
  • Sleep, Anxiety and Depression

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If you’d like to consider the Chair Chi Training Program for your staff, please contact us for details.

Please note: Completion of the Chair Chi Program will enable you to teach your residents/clients in an effective and safe way.. The program does not prepare or qualify you to train other staff how to deliver a Chair Chi program.