What Does it Take to Make a Positive Difference?

Kathy Caprino on seven behaviours of those who make a positive difference in the world.

For What it’s Worth …

A quotation by F. Scott Fitzgerald that are a powerful call to choose our own destiny – to live a meaningful life, be the best we can be and experience the challenges and serendipities of new feelings, different perspectives and ‘things that startle us’.

The Sound of Comfort

About “music thanatology”, a wonderful way of bringing comfort to people at the end of life, and our only Australian practitioner to date.

A Festive Reflection: the Mask of Janus

Putting on a our “Janus face” at this time of year – reflecting on the year gone by and looking forward at the year to come.

Time: How Many Jelly Beans Do You Have Left?

Here’s a thought provoking  short clip from Zefrank on how we spend time and he poses the question – what will you do with the rest of the time available to you? I reckon this is a good clip to play every now and again to remind myself  that there is only a certain amount […]