Ready Steady
… better balance for seniors

elderly woman's hands on walking stick

A specialised one-day workshop for carers, health care professionals, staff and volunteers in the aged care sector.

You will learn how to help the elderly improve balance, strength and endurance using Tai Chi skills and philosophy.

Activities and exercises are carefully chosen to help prevent falls, enhance confidence and build self esteem. Not only are all skills easy to learn and teach, but they have the added benefits of helping people to energise, relax and have fun!

An added benefit of this workshop is that the skills you learn can be used to complement and enhance existing Falls Prevention programs.

What makes this workshop very different from other Falls Prevention workshops is Chris’s experience as a professional Tai Chi teacher, facilitator and trainer. This includes:

  • 30 years teaching and learning Tai Chi
  • intensive work with low and high care residents in more than 20 aged care centres
  • over 1200 highly beneficial and popular Chair Chi workshops delivered to aged care residents in the last 7 years
  • the use of Appreciative Inquiry, a strength based approach that focuses on what works and builds from there
  • a person-centred approach in all aspects of his work with clients

This workshop is available on site for your staff, carers and volunteers.

Why not take advantage of the benefits this workshop has to offer you and your organisation and contact us to book a date.