What Others Have Said

Goodwin Village, Donald, VIC    Website   

Our residents are enjoying their new Chair Chi sessions and are very enthusiastic - they look forward to exercises on a Thursday and are seen performing some of the skills when walking up the corridor! Gives variety to aged care exercise program.

People Smart    Website   

The workshop ‘worked’ for me as it’s left me feeling like I want to know and do more. I understand this means some self-study but I would love the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned, access some of the resources, then come back for another few days focusing on ‘being’ a practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. Then to keep the learning going by having experienced practitioner workshops to share our stories, build our strengths etc. Thanks for creating the program and for giving of your time, energy and multiple intelligences!

ABCD Asia Pacific    Website   

This workshop was, by far, one of the most inspirational, thoughtful, action-provoking workshops I have attended for many years - and I've attended many! Two days were not enough - we could have spent the whole week working on the many aspects that were obviously not covered in the timeframe allowed! As a Community Development Trainer and Facilitator, I have been an AI convert for many years and utilise it in professional development workshops that I deliver throughout Australia and for framing generative questions. But this particular course by Sue and Chris gave me a deeper meaning and understanding of AI as a way of viewing my work, family, colleagues and life through a thoroughly more appreciative lens! I cannot recommend the Essence of Appreciative Inquiry highly enough and I'm sure if I did the 2 days again, I would gain bucket-loads more from each workshop!

Charters Towers Community Centre    Website   

Really enjoyed the shared wisdom of the group. The handout & references are great to support further learning. Succinct, clear information. Plenty of time to discuss and share. Thank you for a great two days. It was a great overview into AI. Warm, friendly and welcoming.

Unique Outcomes    Website   

I appreciated the interesting differences you brought to the process as co-facilitators. The balance between levity and ‘seriosity’ made the day pass pretty quickly. I think you’re offering a nice easing into AI – many thanks for your generosity … live long and prosper!

Bupa Care Services, Donvale    Website   

On behalf of the residents of Gardenia and Willow, here at Bupa Donvale, we would like to say how much we enjoy having you visit with us and providing the great Tai Chi classes. Our residents tell us how much they enjoy your sessions and we the staff can see their keen interest and the benefit these classes bring to them. They love the fact that they can remain seated and that is of great benefit to our wheelchair bound residents.

Catholic Homes, John R. Hannah Aged Care Facility    Website   

First time I joined in with the residents I felt so relaxed afterwards - that's all you think about at that time, that is where your focus is, you just put all your other thoughts aside. Your feel very refreshed afterwards! It gives another slant on exercises we do, different, good to have that variety. I don't have to ask the residents twice to attend Chair Chi because they really enjoy it, they feel good every time. Overall they look forward to it and that's a bonus. When I say Chair Chi, residents say make sure I come down. ...... just came out of hospital and it's a good way for him to keep up with exercises that are achievable ...... a highlight of her week and she says how much it helps her whole attitude.

Mercy Place Montrose    Website   

We found that Chair Chi provides our residents with a chance of gentle exercise and relaxation which they look forward to on a regular basis. We notice they appear more relaxed after the session, more socially active as they chat amongst each other.

AutumnCare, Clovelly Cottage    Website   

At our recent Diversional Therapist network meeting Chair Chi was the first of the three major improvements we noticed. Residents happy to attend when they know it's Chair Chi. They can feel the benefit afterwards.