PANTHUR: Great Customer Service

Computer HelpAbout four months ago, we reached a point where we decided to change hosting providers.

Not because we wanted a cheaper deal – our previous host was not an expensive option by any means.

The reason we left them was because we’d become increasingly disillusioned with their lack of customer service. We were their customer for about three years – and to begin with we’d been satisfied overall with their responsiveness and the support we’d received.

But a change of personnel in their support team changed all that. Help desk tickets received terse responses at best, and often no solution or even helpful advice was forthcoming.

A recurring problem with emails and our mail server that was never fixed satisfactorily was the final straw. It was time to change!

The web is an amazing place … :) It was easy to research hosting providers and pick one that appeared to have nothing but glowing reviews.

Panthur logoThe result in our case was PANTHUR – a Melbourne-based hosting company who seemed to have an excellent reputation from all we read about them.

And now, three months down the track,  we must add our voice to those who were singing PANTHUR’s praise!

The transfer of all our domains and our sites was fast and painless, with their help. And their response to every other issue or question we’ve had since, however large or small, has been equally fast, patient, professional and friendly. Explanations have always been clear, nothing has been too much trouble for them – and no question too small or silly. :)

Along with the excellent customer service we’ve experienced, the hosting service itself has been trouble free with no down time or any other issues. From our perspective, they’ve more than lived up to every one of the commitments they list on their home page.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice. Our monthly hosting bills have certainly increased – but let’s face it, the cheapest is not always the best!

So if you’re thinking of changing hosting providers, you may like to add PANTHUR to the list of those you’re considering. We can highly recommend them.


[Please note: We have no formal affiliation with PANTHUR and gain nothing by recommending them. We’re simply very satisfied customers.]


  1. steven thomas says

    a congenial experience, i went back and got another hosting :)


  2. Mark Tempany says

    Yes Panthur has given us absolutely exceptional support service 24/7, their prices are really good, and our transfer of Domain Name registrations to them has saved us $14 per year on our former Australian provider.

  3. Hi Mark … yes, after trying several others over the years I now can’t see us being with any company other than Panthur. :)

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