AI and Tai Chi: 3 Types of Practitioners

I’ve heavily researched this topic (thought about it for 5 minutes) and discovered that there are three types of Appreciative Inquiry and Tai Chi practitioners

  1. Talkers
    Those who can talk in depth about it but still wade in shallow waters when it comes to living their discipline.
  2. Mechanics
    Can facilitate it in a nuts and bolts approach but still need a bit more oil in the engine to start the motor
  3. Doers
    Those who live the principles both in their work as a practitioner and in life in general

If you are a talker or a mechanic then it’s easy to become a doer if you focus on it.

Walk your talk, move past the mechanics of your discipline, and you’ll become a fair dinkum (real) practitioner.


  1. Doer!

  2. Good on you, Jordan. I thought you’re a doer.

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