Are You M.A.D.?

You need to be M.A.D. before you can help others to change their thinking and behaviour.

Perspective: Fly Like an Eagle

A fascinating clip of what an eagle sees as it soars over the country side

Soft Skills Soft Thinking

The term ‘soft skills’ is very misleading. Here’s my definition.

AI: Enter the Gate

Appreciative Inquiry practitioners need to enter the correct gate to become true appreciative inquiry practitioners.

Student Discipline or Student Engagement?

This story about changing student behaviour at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, USA is about a truly transformational change.?????????? ????? ??? ???? School principal, Jim Sporleder, adapted a new approach to student discipline which resulted in a 85% drop in suspension rate! In this lengthy article he explains in detail how and why […]