You Can’t Please Everyone

The other day I was running a Chair Chi session at an aged care centre and, as we started, a volunteer worker wheeled in a resident. The resident took one look at me and yelled, ‘Get me out of here.! I don’t want to be here – he’s mad!’ The volunteer worker looked embarrassed but […]

Understanding Pain

A short and interesting cartoon clip on understanding pain. It offers tips on dealing with pain and describes the role the brain plays in pain. Covers various types of pain including chronic pain. I like the comment ‘it comes from the brain and it can be retrained’ in relation to dealing with pain. A handy […]

Strategies for Effective Behavioural Intervention

A short clip by Greg Foster that has handy tips on how to handle difficult behaviours. As I work in schools, aged care and the sports arena they are certainly handy tips to keep in mind when dealing with difficult behaviours. The clip includes ‘strategies for effective behavioural intervention’. Teachers or carers of children or […]

Dementia: Filling the Day With Meaning

In this clip Teepa Snow discusses and provides examples of how a person with dementia in an aged care facility can ‘fill the day with meaning’. This is an approach that covers four categories – Productive – Leisure (passive or active) – Self Care – Rest and restoration. These four categories are a handy template […]

Brain Practice

One way to help improve your performance when practicing physical skills such as sport, music, etc is to visualise the skills taught. In other words “practice in your brain”. Here’s a very good short TED Ed clip on ‘How To Practice Effectively … for just about anything‘ by Annie Bosler and Don Greene. They suggest […]