AI: Enter the Gate

The expression ‘enter the gate’ is used in Tai Chi to denote the start of a journey. As you progress you arrive at many other gates that hopefully Iron Gate Autumn Coloursare the entrances to higher skill levels.inFOLIO Research Group

I sometimes wonder about those who enter the Appreciative Inquiry gate and where they will end up. Will the first path of their  journey lead them to the:

The first two gates usually lead to short easy trips, but the third gate (Spiritual) leads to a life long journey that enriches one’s life and affects others in a profound way.

There is hope for the band aiders and mechanics – all they have to do is change direction and head towards the spiritual gate. Once they enter and walk past the welcome sign, the Chi will liberate them from their previous fixed concepts of AI.

And then they will become true Appreciative Inquiry practitioners.

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