Are You M.A.D.?

Crazy womanNo, I’m not questioning your emotional state or sanity.

I’m asking you to reflect on whether you are really M.A.D.

Now before you think I’m mad for writing this post, I’ll say that here the acronym M.A.D. stands for Making A Difference.

Do you?

Make a difference?

It’s certainly what we try to do every time we work with any of our wide range of clients – whether they are school students, teachers, low care or high residents in aged care centres, or staff and management in various organisations.

In our experience, as professional facilitators and trainers, making a difference can mean provoking a wide range of reactions from the smallest ‘aha’ moment to a profound change in thinking and behaviour. The initial reaction may be just a smile or a nod.  But even this can mean a much deeper resonance on a theme that has touched people’s hearts and minds.  And it may be the start of some transformational change. We hope so because that’s what we get paid to do. :)

To me, the greatest experience in facilitating and training is to see participants’ lights go on.  To see them ‘get it’ – whatever ‘it’ may mean for them in that moment. It’s that awareness and deeper understanding of a particular issue that has perplexed them. Or perhaps a skill they are trying to master becomes crystallized. And they then start to realise they’ve taken the first step towards transformational change

When this occurs I’m glad I’m M.A.D.

Are you M.A.D. too?

If so, send us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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