Perspective: Fly Like an Eagle

Here’s a fascinating short clip of an eagle flying over a countryside in Charmonix, South Eastern France with a mini Go Pro camera attached to it. It EaglePerspectivewas uploaded to Youtube by Srachi.

It made me think of  our speech entitled ‘Ants & Eagles… discover possibilities from different perspectives’ which uses an eagle and ant metaphor.  In our line of work – transformational change – it certainly helps to have the vision of an eagle and the on the ground view of an ant to facilitate an effective change process.

When someone figures out how to strap a Go Pro mini camera on an ant and uploads a clip to Youtube I’ll share it with you.  Don’t laugh – it’s not that far away :)

[youtube clip_id=”G3QrhdfLCO8″ width=”424″ height=”241″]

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