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AI Chi: Focus on What Works

Even at a micro level Apprecaitive Inquiry can be used successfully.

Quote: George Bernard Shaw

A quote by George Bernard Shaw on change.

Student Discipline or Student Engagement?

This story about changing student behaviour at Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, USA is about a truly transformational change.?????????? ????? ??? ???? School principal, Jim Sporleder, adapted a new approach to student discipline which resulted in a 85% drop in suspension rate! In this lengthy article he explains in detail how and why […]

Change: From Doom and Gloom to Hope

Yes, there is hope. Watch this inspiring clip featuring Grandpa Elliott and childrens’ choirs singing ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Performance Management: Who’s Minding the Store?

Whose minding you store while you are away from your business?