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  • Chi Collection # 1: Basic Stance

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    This A4 chart will both inspire you and teach you a foundational Tai Chi technique that can help you achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.

  • Chi Collection # 2: Abdominal Breathing

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    This second A4 sized chart in our Chi Collection will teach you an excellent technique for calming the mind, relaxing the body, reducing stress and improving overall health.

  • Picture This

    $54.09   Australia
    $54.09   International

    Picture This is a set of 75 full-colour photographs capturing different aspects of our journey through life: the mundane, the whimsical, the soulful, the playful, the challenging, the joyful, the imaginative.