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  • AQ Collection #1: Reputation

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    This A4 sized chart will help you apply your AQ (Appreciative Intelligence®) to the task of reflecting on your reputation and perhaps 'doing things differently'.

  • AQ Collection #2: Relationships

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    An A4  sized chart with an inspirational quotation and reflective questions to help you enhance your relationships at work and in life.

  • Chi Collection # 1: Basic Stance

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    This A4 chart will both inspire you and teach you a foundational Tai Chi technique that can help you achieve balance in body, mind and spirit.

  • Chi Collection # 2: Abdominal Breathing

    $12.50   Australia
    $12.50   International

    This second A4 sized chart in our Chi Collection will teach you an excellent technique for calming the mind, relaxing the body, reducing stress and improving overall health.

  • Food For Thought: a journal for appreciating daily life

    $20.00   Australia
    $20.00   International

    Food for Thought is a daily journal that will help you live more appreciatively. Filled with tips, tools and techniques, it is an ideal resource to help you develop an appreciative mindset, support your well being and build your resilience.