Chi Collection # 2: Abdominal Breathing

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This second A4 sized chart in our Chi Collection will teach you an excellent technique for calming the mind, relaxing the body, reducing stress and improving overall health.

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Just as a breath of wind touches everything in its path so does Chi (energy, air, breath) move through all living things and inanimate objects.rnrnAbdominal breathing has been used for centuries in Chinese arts such as Tai Chi Chuan (meditation, exercise and self defence system) and Chi Kung (energy exercise system).rnrnThe instructions on the back of this chart will teach you how to use this technique to feel calmer, more relaxed and healthier.rn




  • Both inspirational and practical
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  • Side 1 - Inspirational quote and high-quality photo
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  • Side 2 - Practical exercises and applications
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  • A4 size (8.27" x 11.69")
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  • Easily transportable
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  • Printed in full colour on 350 GSM Artboard
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  • Matt Cellosheen lamination for greater durability and protection
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The Chi Collection

On the front of each chart in our Chi Collection is an inspirational image and quotation.rnrnOn the back you will find a specific Tai Chi exercise, with an explanation of its purpose, a description of how to do the exercise and several photographs that will also show you how to do it.rnrnThe practical design of each chart allows you to attach it to a wall for inspiration or carry it around to complete the exercises at any location you desire. You may wish to practice some of the Tai Chi exercises at a park, a beach, near a river, a forest, at work or in the comfort of your own home.rnrnThere are two (2) charts currently available in the Chi Collection. We will complete the collection with eight (8) charts altogether.rnrnEach chart can be used on its own - every individual exercise will provide a specific benefit in relation to calming the mind and energizing the body. But if you collect all 8 charts you will have a carefully designed sequence/series of Tai Chi exercises that will provide maximum benefit.

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