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Picture This is a set of 75 full-colour photographs capturing different aspects of our journey through life: the mundane, the whimsical, the soulful, the playful, the challenging, the joyful, the imaginative.

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Photographs have a unique ability to stimulate the imagination, memory and emotions. They can be powerful catalysts for storytelling, writing and reflection about our values and priorities—and changes that we want to bring into our lives.

The photos, taken by Brent Seamer and others, present slices of both urban and rural landscapes, capturing the detail of the everyday and the extraordinary.
Since it first appeared in 2007, Picture This has been one of Innovative Resources' best-selling resources. It has found its way into schools, workshops, organisations, communities, prisons and counselling situations. Like many of their resources, it is readily accessible to those who prefer to interact, reflect or learn using visual or tactile approaches.

This highly interpretive, versatile tool can open up conversations, storytelling and creative writing about feelings, goals, and points of view. Use Picture This to oil your imagination, memory and emotions, and get your creative juices flowing!

For suggestions and tips on how to use Picture This, click here to read the booklet. Or follow this link to view sample cards.

Published by Innovative Resources, 2007
75 laminated, full colour cards, 170 x 125mm
Polypropylene box,
48-page booklet
Booklet author: Russell Deal
Designer: Brent Seamer

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