Children and Kindness

Two young boys best matesA kind word or action can live in a memory for decades.

I remember being invited, as a nine-year-old, by my best mate, Daryl, to his place for tea one night.

Before supper their other son was watching Johnny O’Keefe’s Six O Clock Rock. And Iwas invited to choose which show I wanted to watch.

Well,  Superman was my favourite show but that was on the other channel and  I didn’t want to upset the teenage brother because I knew Six O Clock was his favourite show.

I froze and didn’t know what to say but Daryl’s Mum politely said, ‘It’s okay, Chris, you’re our guest so choose what you want to watch’. And with those words I felt comfortable to choose Superman.

I’ve never forgotten her kindness and understanding. And when working with children in our Pozitive Kidz are happy kidz workshops, kindness and understanding is something I always to try to provide during the sessions.

Because you never know. Fifty years, later, one of those kids may say, ‘as a nine-year-old I remember ….

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