Blog Posts: Do You Have Something to Say?

Feather Quills2Trying to keep up with all the blog posts on our various sites, like BJ Seminars International, Chris Chi and Chris Chats, is quite demanding.

Initially, the experts advised that you need to blog regularly – some advising almost daily and others at least 2-3 times a week. Well, I’ve tried to follow the 2-3 times a week formula across 3 blogs, but so far I can only manage that rate sometimes across two sites – BJ Seminars International and Chris Chi. I haven’t written a post for Chris Chats for a while.

So I’ve decided to follow the advice of Ivan Lutrov who, in his post Blogging At Your Own Pace, offers some very good advice for small business owners.

One of the key tips Ivan suggests is ‘write when you have something to say’. I’d add to that by saying, write if you have the time to write and don’t beat yourself up because of a self imposed schedule.

To save time Sue and I could hire some one else to write posts, but that’s not really an option for us. Writing our own blog posts gives an authentic voice to our business and another advantage is that prospective clients will get a better idea of who we are.

So now, instead of getting locked into this 2-3 posts per week mentality, I’ve given myself a break and allowed myself the luxury of posting when I have something to say and have the time to say it. If that means a post every now and again then, so be it.

Most experts say “content is king” and I now believe this too. It makes sense to post less frequently so the content is of value to the reader and not just a “fill in” because of a self-imposed schedule.

As Ivan says, ‘less is more’.

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