Chair Chi: Wesley Mission Brisbane

What a great setting for our first onsite Chair Chi Training workshop this year. A lovely sunny day, outdoor and a very relaxed atmosphere – ideal for our Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level One and Level Two workshops. The workshops were held at Youngcare Apartments, Sinnamon Village for various staff members and I was […]

The Big 4: Pain – Sleep – Anxiety – Depression

About our Chair Chi Program, workshops for everyone in the Aged Care Sector, teaching you how to deal with The Big 4 from a Tai Chi perspective using practical skills and strategies.

Brisbane Bound: Chair Chi Training

Coming right up. Brisbane Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level 1 & Level 2 workshops – 17,18 August – Book now for those interested.

Melbourne: Chair Chi – AI – Appreciative Intelligence

Come along to our next set of workshops in Melbourne – June 22,23 – Aged Care Chair Chi Training – Appreciative Inquiry – Appreciative Intelligence. Register now to ensure your place.

Chair Chi: Remembering Jim

A tribute to Jim.