Archives for March 2013

Change: ‘I Don’t Feel Anything’

Transformational Change: for individuals and organisations, takes time – just as it does in Tai Chi

Appreciative Inquiry: What, Why and How

An interview about Appreciative Inquiry with Dr. Lindsey Godwin, Associate Professor of Management at Champlain College in Vermont, USA

Wisdom: Life and the Universe – A 9-year-old boy’s view

Wisdom from a 9-year-old boy who talks about life and the unviverse. Fascinating.

What’s The Best Mistake You Ever Made?

A surprise question that takes time to answer.

Our Interview with Susan Koshy
… and the ‘Aussie Salute’

Our interview with Susan Koshy about our experience with Appreciative Inquiry – and a bonus demonstration of the “Aussie salute”.