Zoo Kidz

Zoo Kidz is our new primary school program for this year, aimed at grades 5-6 students.

The idea for this program came about when we met with  Arthur Shelley from The Organizational Zoo late last year. When we learned more about Arthur’s work, and with his kind permission, we came up with the idea of incorporating his Zoo animals into a four week program.

This new program focuses on developing positive relationships both in the classroom and playground and draws on animal metaphors, fun, reflective activities and a selection of Tai Chi selections.

One of the key differences between our other popular program Pozitive Kidz are happy kidz is that Zoo Kidz focuses on relationships whereas Pozitive Kidz focuses on building self esteem. .

Working with primary school students is fun and demanding and the approach we take is to make it fun, entertaining, challenging and meaningful.

I suppose the reason we enjoy working with kids is that we really are just big kids ourselves.

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