The Hard Yakka of Organising Workshops

ClimbingBThere’s never a dull moment when you are running workshops here in Melbourne and interstate.

We’re gearing up to run four one day workshops: Aged Care: Chair Chi Level OneFalls Prevention the Tai Chi way , Creative Great Conversations and A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry.

I’ll be the lead facilitator/trainer for the first two and Sue will take the lead for the third and fourth. Running the sessions is pure pleasure but organising them is hard yakka! **

Here’s a sample of the hard yakka that needs to be done;

  • Research and hire venues
  • Organise catering
  • Book flights
  • Car parking
  • Book accommodation
  • Prepare workbooks and have them printed
  • Prepare name tags
  • Organise equipment and materials pens, pencils, crayons, erasers
  • Arrange or hire projector, screen and flip chart
  • Promote the workshops on social media and through our various networks
  • Make a billion phone calls (well, it feels like that many)
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

And those last three are usually the most time consuming. :)

Oh, and if you’re interested in one or more of our workshops you can book online.  You’ll find links to more information under Programs in our site menu.


** Footnote: According to Australian National Dictionary Centre yakka is defined as ‘Work, strenuous labour. Also used as a verb meaning ‘to work’. The word is used especially in the phrase hard yakka. It comes from yaga meaning ‘work’ in the Yagara indigenous language of the Brisbane region. Yakka found its way into nineteenth-century Australian pidgin, and then passed into Australian English. First recorded 1847′.


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