Talking Backwards

Words BackwardsWell, here’s a very unusual skill to have!

Alyssa, in this YouTube video, can repeat in 3 seconds any word said to her  .. backwards!

And she’s not the only young person to develop that particular talent. YouTube has several other videos as evidence, including the one below in which university students David Bellard and Meghan Shea manage a whole conversation backwards … well, almost. :) even has a page on How to Talk Backward Correctly, complete with step-by-step instructions online and in a downloadable pdf!

Hmm … if enough young folk catch on and start to practice, it’ll be one more reason why adults will complain they “just don’t understand young people these days“. And perhaps it could put a whole new spin on that stern warning from teachers and parents: “Don’t talk back!”  :)

[youtube clip_id=”UzwPAOdFLtQ” width=”424″ height=”344″]

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