Playful Inquiry: Try This Anyway

RobynStrattonBerkessel-TEDxRobyn Stratton-Berkessel, a colleague and dear friend of ours, is an ‘expat Aussie’ now living and working in the US. Robyn is also a highly experience practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry.

Recently Robyn was asked to speak at TEDxNavesink, an independently organised TEDx event. As Robyn said about her presentation:

The theme for this TEDx event is “Play”. It was a no brainer for me that “play” is a key outcome of engaging with people and groups through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry. When we ask people to discover the best of themselves and a situation, in their minds they access a positive resourceful state and there’s a rush of oxytocin – the “hormone of attachment” and bottom line – you feel better! A reservoir of positivity is unleashed.

Watch Robyn’s talk below and be inspired to engage in your own ‘playful inquiry’ … and perhaps experience the world a little differently’ !

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