Crazy Wisdom: Paradox in Action

Book Burning Party SignThanks to our colleague Rob Voyle on the Appreciative Inquiry mailing list, we discovered this short video about an audacious, controversial … and paradoxical … approach to saving a local library in Troy, Michigan.

As Rob said, this is reminiscent of what Buddhists call crazy wisdom – wisdom that arises from behaving in an unconventional, outrageous, or unexpected  fashion and thereby awakening the consciousness of others.

It’s not just about being eccentric and most definitely is not about selfishness or self-serving behaviour.  Instead, it’s  about unconventional behaviour that nevertheless has its roots in compassion and wisdom. It’s also about paradox. By behaving in a way that’s diametrically opposed to what might be expected of us, we can challenge the status quo… and sometimes change our world!

Like Rob, we think this video is a great example of exactly that.

Watch it and enjoy! :)


[vimeo clip_id=”47890552″ width=”424″ height=”239″]

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