‘Losing It’ In Training

questionThe phrase ‘losing it’ can be defined as either losing something or being out of control.

Well recently I experienced another type of ‘losing it’ at a recent workshop I conducted.

On the way to the workshop my head was full of business stuff and I was distracted, a bit stressed and not focused I parked my car and was still pre-occupied with my thoughts. I walked into the room where people were sitting in chairs, arranged in a circle.

As soon as I sat down I lost it.

No, I didn’t misplace anything or erupt.

In a blink of an eye I lost all my distracting thoughts and stress. I automatically went into the ‘training zone’ where nothing mattered but the session itself. The Chi flowed without effort and it was a very enjoyable session.

It always feels like I’m starting a new and exciting journey when I’m ‘losing it’.

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