Humour The Front Row

HumourAdventure Front RowAt one of our recent HumourAdventure seminars 160 people filed into a hall filling the seats from the back row up to the second row.

It was amazing to see a hall full of people and the front row virtually empty. I sure they thought we were some sort of stand up comedians who use humour to torture people in the front row by picking on them.

Well, they were in safe hands as we are not stand up comedians and we don’t pick on people. What we do in our HumourAdventure seminars is to invite people to share in the power of play, laughter, and stories.

The physical front row is easy to avoid by not sitting in the front row. But the psychological front row for some people – to let go and have fun can be limiting and stressful.

Having fun can seem to be a frivolous time waster when compared to the more ‘important’ job responsibilities. Taken to extremes this attitude can turn people into serious, stressed out individuals.

What can you do to enjoy work more and deal with stress? Well, you could hire us to run a HumourAdventure seminar but then we are very biased. :) So here are some other tips to put a ‘smile on your dial’.

  • Share a joke with a colleague
  • Relax
  • Share a funny story of yours
  • Look for the humour in eveyday life

You can do all of the above unless you have had a humour bypass.

So give yourself permission to sit in the front row so you can  enjoy your job and life even more.


Footnote: Photo by Scott.M.Liddell 

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