Human Ingenuity: Our Most Abundant Resource

Navi RadjouWe often hear the cry in our communities that little can be done to address many of the social issues they face because ‘we don’t have the resources!’

Well here’s a presentation by Navi Radjou to make us all stop and think!

And there’s a new word to learn: ‘jugaad’. It’s a Hindi word that Navi tells us means an improvised fix – a clever solution – born in adversity. He also reminds us that this frugal innovation is not about making do. It’s about making things better.

As well as providing food for thought, Navi’s might also make us feel just a bit shamefaced to be complaining about our lack of resources. Perhaps this kind of whinging is another ‘first world’ problem? :)

And it’s definitely a call to draw on our own human ingenuity – to be equally creative as we seek answers! And we can certainly begin by applying the three key principles he outlines.

Watch it and be inspired …

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