4-Year Old Customer

In my previous post Customer Service, Hello? I shared a recent story about my experience of poor customer service. Well, there are stories of staff providing excellent customer service out there, believe it or not.

Here’s another story concerning a 4-year old customer.

I was in a supermarket browsing through a magazine rack and close by was a 4-year old boy and his grandmother.

The 4-year old spotted some toys on the top rack.

‘Gran, Gran, I want that toy up there’.

‘No, you already have that, we’ll come back next time and get a new one for you’.

‘No, no, Gran. I want that one.’

This went on for a little while and Gran, reached up, grabbed the toy and gave it to the 4-year old boy.

‘Gran, I’ve got this one. Where’s the new one?

Gran explained again that they’ll get it next time and that they had to hurry to get back and see mum.

I wandered over to the check out counter, the one with a human being behind it, not the robot one, and saw the 4-year old talking to a staff member.

And there it was –  poetry in motion. The staff member  had engaged the little boy in a conversation and he was animated and smiling. I smiled and so did  the other customers watching nearby.

The staff member provided an experience that made me feel good to be at the store because she did three things that underpin excellent customer service.

1. Engaged the little boy in conversation

2. Interested in what he had to say

3. She was genuine

Three simple things that can  make a big difference to an increase in sales.

Are your staff engaged, interested and genuine in their dealings with your customers?


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