Email Inbox Control: Easy as ABC

inbox overloadI’ve finally defeated my mortal enemy – the overflowing email box – not with brawn but with a little bit of brainpower.

Though I was tempted several times to hack the computer with my Tai Chi broad sword, when the emails would mysteriously build to a crescendo each time I opened up the inbox. :)

Here’s how I saved my sanity and my computer:

  • Created three folders labelled A, B, C.
  • Delete or place an incoming email into one of the folders according to its importance
  • Then check the A folder first and respond to all urgent requests as soon as possible
  • The B, C folders are less urgent and I check their contents when I have a chance to
  • As soon as I complete an action on an email in a folder I’ll either delete it or send it to an archive which has file names for various categories. I’m still refining my archival system so when that’s done my system will be more efficient

All my subscriptions are fed directly into a second, different email client – Opera Mail – which I check occasionally. These are of interest but not vital so I can delete a batch whenever it builds up.

The end result?

An inbox that is empty – which once seemed an impossible dream.

This method works for me. However you may also be interested in the following resources for extra tips:

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Here’s hoping you will find your email inbox salvation using the above tips.

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