Creativity & Success: Neil Gaiman’s Inspirational Speech

Neil Gaiman is a famous writer of novels, comic books, short fiction, films and in this inspirational commencement speech, delivered recently at the University of Arts, he talks about creativity and success.

If you have self doubt as a writer or have a creative block then watch this clip to get going again.

My favourite quote by Gaiman in this clip is ‘I learnt to write by writing’.


[youtube clip_id=”ikAb-NYkseI” width=”424″ height=”241″]


  1. Susan Koshy says

    A great piece delivered. Thank you, Sue and Chris for sharing it. Almost 20 minutes of interesting stuff that makes sense to take to heart, and ‘make good art’.

  2. Yes, it’s a great speech I’ll watch again when I need inspiration.

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