Appreciating Professionalism

Recently a huge bough of my next door neighbour’s tree came crashing down over the fence and bent my clothes line into a right angle.Tree

I discovered this new and unwelcome addition to my backyard when I came home late one night. The next day I called my neighbour and she arranged for a tree removalist crew to remove this huge bough.

One of the crew knocked on my door and asked permission to work on my property, to which I readily agreed. I went back into my office and watched through my window as the three guys worked together to get rid of the bough.

It was like poetry in motion. One guy chainsawed the bough, another gathered the pile  of wood and handed it to the third guy who then chucked them into the machine pulp unit attached to the back of their truck.

As I watched these fellows work away I couldn’t help admiring their teamwork. They each had a job to do, did it effortlessly and quickly and in a very short time the huge bough had disappeared.

I love watching professionals at work whether they be trainers, facilitators or tree men.

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