Abundance is Our Future – Peter Diamandis

Peter DiamandisAt TED2012, Peter Diamandis argues a case for optimism.

He believes that, in spite of the seemingly insurmountable problems facing our world today, we can indeed transcend and overcome them:

Given all of our digital devices that are bringing all the negative news to us seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, it’s no wonder that we’re pessimistic. It’s no wonder that people think the world is getting worse.But perhaps that’s not the case. Perhaps, instead, it’s the distortions brought to us of what’s really going on. Perhaps the tremendous progress we’ve made over the last century by a series of forces are in fact accelerating to a point where we have the potential in the next three decades to create a world of abundance.

He argues passionately for the benefits that new technologies can provide – and for the ever-increasing access to these technologies that will bring three billion new minds into the global conversation by 2020:

A set of voices that have never been heard from before. What about giving the oppressed, wherever they might be, the voice to be heard and the voice to act for the first time ever.

His talk is definitely food for thought!  In many ways, Peter’s view resonates with the approach used in an Appreciative Inquiry. From that perspective, we certainly don’t deny problems exist – sometimes devastating problems. But we don’t use these as the basis on which to plan a way forward or envision a better future. We focus on possibilities instead of problems.

As Peter says, “We truly are living in an extraordinary time – and many people forget this.”

Here’s the complete talk for you to enjoy…

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