A Day in the Life of a Tai Chi Man

Clock25.15am – Alarm sounds – have 3 seconds to reach over and turn it off before I end up sleeping in to mid day

5.15.03am – Success. Alarm off, out of bed. Huge effort. Shower and get myself ready

5.45am – Tai Chi practice – embrace the tree (standing) and then massage knees

6.07am – Breakfast, brush teeth, shave, iron shirt (should have done it yesterday, running out of time :(

6.40am – Grab my Tai Chi gear, folder, bag

6.45am – Start car, connect my android (audio book) – George Orwell’s ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ to the auxilary outlet so I can listen to it on the way to a private Tai Chi lesson in Toorak. Driving down the Hills – driver in front of me very slow – ‘come on, wake up’. Driver wakes up and accelerates to the 60 kmph speed limit.

7.45am – The drive was reasonable and I’m happy I beat the start of peak hour traffic. Arrive at my client’s place and sit in the car for 10 minutes to settle the Chi before I enter the premises

8.00am – Private lesson starts

9.00am – Lesson ends – very enjoyable – always a pleasure to work with a highy motivated individual (Managing Director). Drive through heavy traffic along Toorak Road up to Warrigal Road and then on to  pick Sue up for her staff development workshop. She hasn’t got a car at the moment so I’m the chauffeur for the day.

10.15am – Leave Sue’s place for Mulgrave where my Chair Chi workshop is scheduled

10.40am Drop Sue off at a shopping centre nearby where she will wait for me to pick her up after my workshop

10.45am – Change in the car for the workshop

11.00am – Chair Chi workshop starts

12.10pm – Finish my workshop, another enjoyable session, pick Sue up and drive to Hallam for her workshop

12.40pm – Drop Sue off and head for Subways to get a quick lunch, and then drive to my next age care centre workshop in Montrose

1.25pm – Just make it into Montrose in time

1.30pm –  Start my workshop

2.40pm –  Finish workshop and head home which is close by

3.00 – Dive on the couch for a brief rest planning to get up and do some more of my own Tai Chi training later – unsuccessful – couch wins and so does a chocolate milkshake and a cherry ripe

4.30pm – Head back to Hallam to pick Sue up from her workshop

5.10pm – Sue and I drive back towards home, petrol gauge showing empty, not a good sign. Make it to a petrol station and then we decide to go to Knox City for tea (lovely chicken schnitzel) and a cup of coffee afterwards – a pleasant reward as all our workshops were well received.CoffeeMugs2

7.00pm – Take Sue home, have a cuppa

8.30pm – Head for home for an early night

10.00pm – Head hits the pillow and very quickly I’m off to La La land



  1. Great story! Don’t you wish you could find paying clients a little closer to home? :-)

  2. Yes, it would be easier travel wise and I don’t usually travel that far for private lessons. But I made an exception in this case.

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