Wellbeing: Physician Heal Thyself

It’s good to survive the famine (business has been slow) and we are now entering the feast stage with many workshops coming in.visualcage.ru

Sue James, my colleague, has been busy flying interstate running several Appreciative Inquiry workshops for staff and management and yesterday I ran my eighth workshop in four days here in Melbourne.

RelaxingSmallAfter my heavy workload I decided to treat myself and slept in until 6.30am this morning! And it feels great. Normally, during a week day, I get up at 5.50am, do half an hour of Tai Chi, then an hour of work on my memoir, have breakfast and at 8.30am start working on our BJ Seminars International business.

Last night I heard the words ‘Physician Heal Thyself’ echo in my mind and it was time to take a break.

It takes a lot of energy to facilitate and run training programs and on top of that run the business side of things. And every now and again I need to remind myself to take a break so the Chi doesn’t jam up and cause health problems; it’s what I emphasise to participants in my Tai Chi and Chair Chi workshops I run. So I really need to listen to my own advice and obey that voice in my head ‘physician heal thyself’ otherwise I’ll be ‘cactus’ (exhausted).

As soon as I finish this post I’ll do another half hour of Tai Chi and then spend the rest of the day reflecting on a new training program we are developing.

It will be an easy day as most of the reflection time will be spent on my couch!



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