Volunteering: Rewarding and Hard Yakka

Hand smallBesides building our ‘business empire’ both Sue and I are working on projects we have volunteered for.

Sue has been buzzing around helping with the 2015 World Appreciative Inquiry Conference (WAIC) website spending many hours in assisting and designing aspects of the site. She has put in some over nighters to keep up with the project and our business  demands. She also designed and updates The Unconference and Appreciative Inquiry Australia sites. I don’t know how she does all the voluntary work and keeps up with it but she does.

I’ve been involved in a voluntary project that I created for an aged care centre here in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m running  a Chair Chi Plus Pilot Study; working with low care and high care residents over a six week period. Three times a week I’ll run a 30 minute Chair Chi session and the program is designed to increase leg strength – improve balance – achieve cardiovascular workout – enhance emotional/psychological wellbeing.

At the end of this project I’ll produce a report on the findings and publish the results.

Our voluntary efforts have seen us work seven days a week recently but it’s worth it.

Because volunteering on projects you are passionate about is rewarding and at times ‘hard yakka’ (hard work).

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