Valued Resource

We  have delivered several workshops and conferences  for teachers, principals and school support officers.

One of the interesting themes we noticed was the need for teachers, principals and school support officers to be valued.

To be appreciated for their time, professionalism, energy and efforts in helping students achieve their maximum potential.

This need to feel valued appears even more important than the need to deal with stress, lack of resources or time constraints that many of the participants experienced.

I believe that when teachers, principals or school support officers are valued for their efforts, their motivation will increase which will increase their performance level and result in our children receiving the best education available.

So how does one achieve this?

Well, better pay and conditions might seem obvious answers. They are ongoing concerns.

But with funding issues these days (some things never change) that can be a slow and long road.

So what can be done now?

Well, the Confucian proverb ‘a thousand mile journey begins with a single step’ is a good start.

Consider each day as a single step and make it your business to find a colleague, superior, other staff, administrator etc. and find one thing he or she has done well and say the magic words ‘Thank you, I appreciate your effort.’

That’s only six words!

Six words that can make a big difference to someone’s day.

Six words that can make people feel good about themselves, and probably help students they come in contact with feel better about themselves too.

So make a start today.

Make someone feel valued and you will become a valued resource.

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