Man with Validation sign

Kurt Kuenne in Validation

This short movie, produced in 2008 by Kurt Kuenne,  is an absolute delight. Well worth the 16 minutes of your time to view it to the end. :)

It isn’t new – we originally discovered it back in 2009 and shared the link with our Starlink newsletter readers. But we thought it was well worth sharing again here on our blog.

It is a wonderful reminder of just how much positive words or a smile can have an impact in the lives of others!

Appreciation is to humans what the sun is for plants.
(Frank Iversen.)

[youtube clip_id=”Cbk980jV7Ao” width=”424″ height=”241″]

Our thanks to Peter Rennie on the Australian Facilitators’ Network mailing list, for his recent reminder about this wee movie!

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