Training: Workshops Galore

KangarooSignImagine running  60 workshops in 26 days!

That’s what I did a while ago when I delivered our Pozitive Kidz are happy kidz workshops for various primary schools.

And next week I will be running ten Chair Chi workshops in five days for low and high care residents at various aged care centres.

Running several workshops in a short amount of time is a huge effort and it’s difficult not to slide into an automatic, bored presentation style.

When I’m faced with a feast of workshops (a welcome relief after a famine) I do the following to stay focused and enthusiastic:

  • Look for an oportunity to try something new in each workshop that is relevant to the session – the muse can strike at any time
  • Remind myself of the reason why I’m doing this sort of work – it’s fun

Oh, I forgot, the third point is to do what I did today after a workshop – reward myself with a cappuccino at my favourite coffee shop here in the Hills.

One can never underestimate the value of a ‘good cuppa’ as an incentive to ‘keep on keeping on’.


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