Training: Famine or a Feast

ChefIn our business of facilitation and training it’s either a famine or a feast.

Just over 12 months ago we experienced a famine – the after effects of the global financial crisis. Most of our facilitation and training opportunities vanished as organisations tightened their financial belts.

And when those belts are tightened there is very little room left for external providers.

While we didn’t starve during this famine, we were malnourished and had to create opportunities elsewhere while planning ahead for the feast that usually follows a training famine.

Well, this year the beginning of a feast (our entrée) is now being served and the aroma is tantalising. The main course is coming up and later on our desserts (holiday) will be served.

So on our table right now:

  • Sue will travel interstate to run more Appreciative Inquiry workshops
  • I’ve had a nibble  for running our Aged Care: Chair Chi training program interstate
  • We have a series of workshops planned for Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide
  • Three new workshops will be added to our list and offered to our clients and the public
  • A possibility of running workshops in Europe later this year – fingers crossed
  • Online course planned with one of our business associates

Not a bad banquet! But we need to be careful we don’t get a tummy ache because of over eating. So we’ll have to chew each morsel slowly and enjoy the feast.

We are also conscious of the  next inevitable famine (normal business or life cycle) … we’re already squirrelling away ideas and resources so we don’t starve.

2014 is looking good – bon appetit!

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