Training: Blind Communication

TaiChiBlindAs a trainer and Tai Chi teacher this particular clip resonated with me.

Illan Amit, who lost his sight at the age of 47, and his Tai Chi teacher, Assi, demonstrate Tai Chi and give inspiring and  profound insights on teaching and the human spirit.

Some of the insightful comments include;

“I try to understand each student or to put myself in his situation The best thing is not to focus on the blindness in our sessions because everybody is ‘blind’ in one way or another”.

“We live in a paradoxical world. You search for things you already have…”

It’s certainly something I try to keep in mind when I run my Chair Chi sessions for low and high care residents in aged care centres.

[youtube clip_id=”267VFMUcfdg” width=”424″ height=”241″]

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