TOCC for WordPress: Sitemaps Made Easy

We’ve discovered a great plugin for WordPress called Table of Contents Creator (TOCC).

A sitemap is an important addition to any website these days, offering visitors another method to find their way around.

After trying several sitemap creators and becoming disillusioned with most of them, TOCC was a real find.

Very easy to install and configure, this plugin had our new sitemap ready to go in minutes!

We like the look of it and love the way site visitors can configure how they’d like to view the map – expanding or collapsing child elements from the menu as they wish, and also being able to sort the viewing order in several ways.

All kudos to Mark Beljaars for such a simple and elegant solution. :)

If you decide to check out our sitemap, we’d love to hear from you about what you think of it.

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