The Ideal Client

clients in a meetingOne of the things we have learned in our business is to be selective on who we take on as a new client. We look for ideal clients who ‘get’ what we do and how we do it.

Sometimes when we’re meeting with a potential client the warning signs are there that the  job is not right for us. That it will end in disappointment for both the client and ourselves.

The warning signs of a non ideal client are;

·    Unrealistic expectations
·    Focus on instant solutions
·    Don’t really get what we are about
·    Controlling
·    Do not understand the difference between facilitating and training

When any of these things occur it’s a relief if we don’t get the job. It’s hard enough trying to do the best you can without having to deal with barriers beyond your control.

However even with an ideal client, misunderstandings and unforseen problems can occur. The difference here is that at least with an ideal client it is easier to communicate and rectify any problems that may occur.

Here’s what we do to see if the client is a right fit us:
·    Listen
·    Ask questions
·    Clarify
·    Reframe
·    Confirm
·    Relax

This gives us the chance to assess whether the client shares our values and is really someone we want to work with or not. Sometimes it is tempting to go for the money and accept any client but this is false economics because it can lead to a poor outcome which will  affect your reputation.

We don’t always get it right and sometimes what we think is the ideal client doesn’t always turn out that way for a variety of reasons.

But if both parties come into the meeting with honest intentions and realistic expectations then the chances are it will be the right fit.

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