The Appreciative Inquiry Dance


Hooray, organised at last!

Well, it certainly feels like I’m tap dancing in my chair while organising our Essence of Appreciative Inquiry workshops in four cities; Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

We’ve run several workshops here in Melbourne, last year held one in Sydney – then this year decided to add Canberra and Brisbane to our schedule. And it’s been hectic!

Here’s a list of all the bits and pieces that must be finalised before I can put my feet up;

  • Choose one  of the many venues kindly provided by Elisa Roberts 1300 Venues  and Katerina Cobain from Business Retreats Australia
  • Check to see if the thunderstorm in Canberra has abated and the fax and email is working at one of the venues
  • Finalise venue bookings, catering requirements and audio visual aids
  • Book accommodation
  • Pay deposits
  • Arrange transport to and from the airport
  • Book our airport car parking
  • Print copies of our workshop manual for participants
  • Promote the workshops on our social media and other sites
  • Answer inquiries about the workshops
  • Set aside my Tai Chi fans
  • Cross our fingers and hope thousands register (well at least enough to make it financially viable)

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yes …   Book our flights!

Otherwise we’ll have three very long walks to Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney. :)

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