Ten Top Tips for Transformation

DNA and EggRecently we came across this blog post by Giles Hutchins in the UK – Ten Top Tips for Transformation.

It focuses on what is needed for organisations and businesses not only to survive but to thrive in the transformational times we are facing.

It begins with a negative and perhaps alarming prediction:

Prediction : At least 50% of all organisations around today will be dead or bought-out by the end of this decade.

However Giles then provides ten excellent tips for not becoming one of the organisations within that predicted statistic.

He’s used the word DEDICATION to highlight the ten things he sees as crucial:

D for Diversity
E for Emergence
D for Decentralised
I for Innovation
C for Collaboration
A for Authenticity
T for Trust
I for Intuition
O for Openness
N for Nature

We won’t repeat the full article here – but please do read it for yourself. We think you’ll find it well worth the time! :)

Giles’ tips are general in nature – there’s a whole book, not just a blog post, in a full explanation of the above ten points. But his blog post certainly provides food for thought – not only for those in the business sector (which is much of the focus of the article) but also for those in non profit sectors – ‘community businesses’.

Man and Question MarkWhen it comes to this particular form of DEDICATION, here are just a few questions that may help to trigger reflection:

  • How many of these things are already present in the ‘DNA’ of your workplace?
  • Which of these are particular strengths in your organisation?
  • How can you leverage on those strengths to transform your organisation still further?
  • What could you or should you be doing differently?
  • What opportunities can you see on the horizon for doing even better?
  • How will you bring ‘all voices in the room‘ to look at areas you’d like to develop further?

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