Tai Chi: A Step-by-Step Guide to Complete Relaxation

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This Tai Chi work book is for busy people who want a quick way of learning how to calm the mind and energise the body.

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The workbook will teach you a four minute gentle exercise that is easy to learn, ideal for beginners and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

It is comprised of the first fourteen movements of the traditional Wu Style Tai Chi. The advantage of this Tai Chi form (exercise) is that it takes very little space to practice. You can practice in your office or any other confined space. All you need is room enough to take about two steps forward, one step to your right and four steps to your left. There are no kicks or low crouches which makes it even easier to learn and perform.


  • Illustrated
  • Black and White
  • 64 pages (single side)
  • A4 size landscape
  • Wire spiral binding
  • Laminated front and back cover


I have never seen a book on Tai Chi like this one. It is so well designed that anybody can learn from it. A really easy first step to achieve a peaceful mind.
(Earthstone Chu, Tai Chi teacher/Artist)

I found this book extremely useful, especially the way he uses a simple method of explaining the feet, hands and body positions, connected with very well illustrated drawings. It has become a vital tool in helping me to relax. I would, without hesitation, recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to achieve a relaxed and calm mind.
(John Pedersen, Electronic Assembler)

After searching book stores over many years for a book that gave simple, pictorial guidance to Tai Chi, I found just what I wanted in Chris Bennett's (book). His format is great with the form explained, illustrated in clear and unambiguous steps. The spiral binding and the landscape make it easy to read while you practice.
(Neville McLean, Retail Manager)

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Publisher Harmony Books

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